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Pellet line

Connecting flue pipes for indoor use.
The connecting flue pipes for pellet stoves can reach a working temperature up to 200°C by using the silicone gaskets (supplied) or 300°C with Viton gaskets (only upon request).
The Linea Pellet (Pellet line) is used for smoke extraction in dry working conditions with negative pressure N1 40 Pa (without gasket), and in wet working conditions with positive pressure P1 200 Pa (with gasket).
It is available in diameters 80 and 100 mm, in black, grey and white colors.

Pellet Pipe

1000mm Straight Pipe Pellet
PN8001000mm Straight Pipe
PN801500mm Straight Pipe
PN802250mm Straight Pipe
PN10001000mm Straight Pipe
PN1001500mm Straight Pipe
PN1002250mmStraight Pipe

Pellet Tee

PN805F90° Tee F/F
PN1005F90° Tee F/F
PN818Ash Coll. C/W Coupling
PN819Silicone Ash Collector
PN1018Brass Ash Collector
PN1019Silicone Ash Collector

Pellet Bends

Oriel Flues 45° Pellet Tee

45° Bends

PN80445° Bend
PN101845° Bend

90° Bends

PN80390° Bend M/F
PN103M90° Bend M/M
PN100390° Bend M/F
PN1003M90° Bend M/M
PN80890° Bend M/F with Door
PN100890° Bend M/F with Door

Pellet Reducer

Male to Female Pellet Reducer
PN8/10F100mm- M80mm Reducer

Pellet Coupler

Female to Female Pellet Coupler
PN817FFemale-Female Coupler
PN1017FFemale-Female Coupler
PN817MMale-Male Coupler
PN1017MMale-Male Coupler
PN10/8M100mm - F80mm Coupler

Pellet Gasket

Oriel Flues Gasket
Pellet Gasket
AS819VViton Gasket 300°
AS1019VViton Gasket 300°

Pellet Rosette

Pellet Rosette
PN810Pellet Rosette
PN1010Pellet Rosette

Pellet Wall Bracket

Pellet Bracket
PN821Pellet Wall Bracket
PN1021Pellet Wall Bracket

Pellet Exhaust Terminal

Exhaust Terminal
Exhaust Terminal
AL824Exhaust Terminal
AL1024Exhaust Terminal



EN:1856-2. T200-P1-W-V2-L01120-G240 WOOD

T200-P1-W-V2-L01120-O040 GAS  

T200-P1-W-V2-L01120-O010 GAS

T300-P1-W-V2-L01120-O40  GAS

T300-N1-W-V2-L01120-G40 WOOD

*Product Designation applicable to individual items,please check product.