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IRL: +353 (0)41 685 6924


Singlewall Pipes
Stainless Steel 1000mm Pipe
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel 1000mm Pipe
Stainless Steel
SWR/SF/125/1SS 1000mm Pipe
SWR/SF/125/2SS 670mm Pipe
SWR/SF/125/3SS 330mm Pipe
SWR/SF/125/30SS 590-420 Adj. Pipe
SWR/SF/153/1SS 1000mm Pipe
SWR/SF/153/2SS 670mm Pipe
SWR/SF/153/3SS 330mm Pipe
SWR/SF/153/30SS 590-420 Adj. Pipe
SWR/SF/180/1SS 1000mm Pipe
SWR/SF/180/2SS 670mm Pipe
SWR/SF/180/3SS 330mm Pipe
SWR/SF/180/30SS 590-420 Adj. Pipe
Singlewall Bends
SS 45°Bend
Stainless Steel 45°Bend
SS 90°Bend
Stainless Steel Bend
SWR/SF/125/4SS 45°Bend
SWR/SF/153/4SS 45°Bend
SWR/SF/180/4SS 45°Bend
SWR/SF/125/5SS 90°Bend
SWR/SF/153/5SS 90°Bend
SWR/SF/180/5SS 90°Bend
Singlewall 90° Bend with Door
Stainless Steel Bend with Door
TWR/MF/125/6SS 90°Bend with Door
TWR/MF/153/6SS 90°Bend with Door
TWR/MF/180/6SS 90°Bend with Door
Singlewall 30° Bend
SS 30°Bend
Stainless Steel 30° Bend
TWR/MF/125/11ASS 30°Bend
TWR/MF/153/11ASS 30°Bend
Singlewall Adjustable Elbow
SS Adj Elbow 0-90°
Stainless Steel Adjustable Elbow 0-90°
TWR/MF/130/32SS Adj Elbow 0-90°
TWR/MF/153/32SS Adj Elbow 0-90°
TWR/MF/180/32SS Adj Elbow 0-90°
Singlewall 90° Tee
Stainless Steel 90°Tee
TWR/MF/125/7SS 90°Tee
TWR/MF/153/7SS 90°Tee
TWR/MF/180/7SS 90°Tee
Singlewall 90° Tee
SS 45°Tee
Stainless Steel 45°Tee
TWR/MF/125/8SS 45°Tee
TWR/MF/153/8SS 90°Tee
TWR/MF/180/8SS 90°Tee
Singlewall 90° Tee Plug
SS Tee Plug
Stainless Steel Tee Plug
TWR/MF/125/9SS 90°Tee
TWR/MF/153/9SS 90°Tee
TWR/MF/180/9SS 90°Tee
Singlewall Wall Bracket
SS Wall Bracket
Stainless Steel Wall Bracket
TWR/MF/125/11SS Wall Bracket
TWR/MF/153/11SS Wall Bracket
TWR/MF/180/11SS Wall Bracket
Singlewall Extension Wall Bracket
Stainless Steel Extension Bracket
ADJ/BRKT/125/SSSS Ext Bracket
TWR/MF/153/11SS Ext Bracket
TWR/MF/180/11SS Ext Bracket


EN:1856-1 T450-N1-D-Vm-L50080-G8  (3xd),  T300-N1-W-Vm-L50080-O40-40, T250-H2-W-Vm-L50080-O40


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