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IRL: +353 (0)41 685 6924


EN:1856-2. T450N1 W Vm L500400 G50
EN:1856-2. T250P1 W Vm L500400 O20
Twinwall Pellet Hat
Twinwall Hat
Twinwall Chimney Hat
TWR/MF/80/P-12Twinwall Pellet Hat
TWR/MF/100/P-12Twinwall Pellet Hat
TWR/MF/130/P-12Twinwall Pellet Hat
Twinwall Pellet Antidown Draft Hat
Twinwall Anti Downdraught Hat
Anti Downdraught Hat
TWR/MF/80/P-25Antidown Draft Hat
TWR/MF/100/P-25Antidown Draft Hat
TWR/MF/130/P-25Antidown Draft Hat
Twinwall Pellet Mitron Terminal
Twinwall Mitron Terminal
Mitron Terminal
TWR/MF/80/P-28Mitron Terminal
TWR/MF/100/P-28Mitron Terminal
TWR/MF/130/P-28Mitron Terminal
Twinwall Pellet Waterproofing Plate
Twinwall Waterproofing Plate
Waterproofing Plate
TWR/MF/80/P-36Waterproofing Plate
TWR/MF/100/P-36Waterproofing Plate
TWR/MF/130/P-36Waterproofing Plate
Twinwall Pellet 45° Wall Sleeve
Twinwall 45° Wall Sleeve
45° Wall Sleeve

*Sleeve can be modified to suit 90° Installation

TWR/MF/80/P-3845° Wall Sleeve
TWR/MF/100/P-3845° Wall Sleeve
TWR/MF/100/P-3845° Wall Sleeve
Twinwall Pellet 45° & 90° Rosette
Twinwall Rosette
Twinwall Pellet Rosette

*Available in any angle/ size on Request

TWR/80/R/P-4545° Twinwall Rosette
TWR/80/R/P-9090° Twinwall Rosette
TWR/100/R/P-4545° Twinwall Rosette
TWR/100/R/P-9090° Twinwall Rosette
TWR/130/R/P-4545° Twinwall Rosette
TWR/130/R/P-9090° Twinwall Rosette
Twinwall Pellet Storm Collar
Storm Collar
Storm Collar


TWR/MF/80/P-26Storm Collar
TWR/MF/100/P-26Storm Collar
TWR/MF/130/P-26Storm Collar
Twinwall Pellet Master Flashing
Master Roof Flashing
Master Roof Flashing
TWR/MF/RS/P-33Master Flashing 76mm-203mm
TWR/MF/RS/P-34Master Flashing 203mm-279mm
Twinwall Pellet Multi Flashing
Multi Roof Flashing
TWR/MF/RS/P-35Multi Flashing 88mm-171mm
TWR/MF/RS/P-36Multi Flashing 165mm-304mm
TWR/MF/RS/P-38Multi Flashing 230mm-330mm

*Product Designation applicable to individual items,please check product.