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IRL: +353 (0)41 685 6924


EN:1856-2. T450N1 W Vm L500400 G50
EN:1856-2. T250P1 W Vm L500400 O20
Twin Wall Pellet Firestop
TW Pellet Firestops
TW Pellet Firestops
TWR/MF/80/P-20Sqr Firestop
TWR/MF/100/P-20Sqr Firestop
TWR/MF/130/P-20Sqr Firestop
TWR/MF/80/P-RNDRnd Firestop
TWR/MF/100/P-RNDRnd Firestop
TWR/MF/130/P-RNDRnd Firestop
Twin Wall Pellet Firestop Coverplate
Firestop Coverplate Square & Round
TWR/MF/80/P-RND-CORnd Coverplate
TWR/MF/100/P-RND-CORnd Coverplate
TWR/MF/130/P-2RND-CORnd Coverplate
TWR/MF/80/P-20-COSqr Coverplate
TWR/MF/100/P-20-COSqr Coverplate
TWR/MF/1300/P-20-COSqr Coverplate
Twin Wall Pellet Joist Support
Joist Support
TWR/MF/100/P-14Joist Support Collar
TWR/MF/130/P-14Joist Support Collar
TWR/MF/153/P-14Joist Support Collar
Twin Wall Pellet Basewall Support
Twinwall Basewall Support
TWR/MF/100/P-15Basewall Support
TWR/MF/130/P-15Basewall Support
TWR/MF/153/P-15Basewall Support
Twin Wall Pellet Wall Brackets
TW Pellet Wall Brackets
TWR/MF/80/P-16Wall Brackets
TWR/MF/100/P-16Wall Brackets
TWR/MF/130/P-16Wall Brackets
ADJ/BRKT/80/P-TWExt Bracket
ADJ/BRKT/100/P-TWExt Bracket
ADJ/BRKT/130/P-TWExt Bracket
Twin Wall Pellet Locating Brackets
TW Pellet Locating and Locking Brackets
TWR/MF/80/P-22Locating Brackets
TWR/MF/100/P-22Locating Brackets
TWR/MF/130/P-22Locating Brackets
TWR/MF/80/P-27Locking Band
TWR/MF/100/P-27Locking Band
TWR/MF/130/P-27Locking Band

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